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Rakhi India Rakhi India
Rakhi India
Rakhi India is a comprehensive site where you can easily get information about the Indian festival 'Rakhi'. Also known as Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi festival is considered as one of the most auspicious occasion in India. This festival is a celebration of the sacred bond between brothers and sisters. Rakhi India unfolds the different varieties, styles and designs of Rakhis. So, share the excitement and strengthen the bond between brothers and sisters with RakhiIndia.com.

Rakhi India
Rakhi India

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Evolution of Rakhi

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan on 10th August 2014

Types of Rakhi
Variety of traditional rakhis with numerous colors and multiple designs are available in the market for this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan to celebrate the lovely relationship of brother and sister. The collection ranges from eye-catching traditional rakhis to contemporary rakhis.

Divine Rakhi Kids Rakhi
Divine Rakhis are mainly based on the designs and patterns of sacred symbols related to various spiritual and religious creations.
Divine Rakhi

Kids Rakhis, as the name implies, are specially made for kids. Browse through our immensely popular collection of Rakhis.Kids Rakhi

Precious Rakhi
Celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi with the astonishing assortment of precious rakhis that can lure your siblings. These days, the simple rakhi threads has become more expensive with studding of precious and semi-precious metals that imparts a stunning appearance.

Traditional Rakhi Styles
With the changing culture of India, the festival of Rakhi has not lost its grace and originality. Flip through the different categories to see how the designer pattern of Rakhi has got a complete makeover with traditional styles.
Traditional Rakhi Styles

Trendy Rakhi Styles
Check out the different styles of trendy rakhis by simply browsing through our collection of trendy rakhis. You will come across the new avatars of Rakhi threads in the form of musical coins and currency. These trendy styles of rakhis are immensely popular for their innovativeness.
Trendy Rakhi Styles