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Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated throughout India with a lot of joy and fervor that marks the special bonding between brothers and sisters. The festivities of Rakhi are enjoyed in different ways in different parts of India, but the tying ceremony of Rakhi or the 'Raksha' is an integral part of this occasion. On this auspicious day sisters tie a thread to seek the blessings of happiness and well-being for their brothers and in return the brothers pledge to protect their sisters.

In the ancient times, on the day of Rakhi festival, sisters would tie the simply casted clothe made thread having a small stone tied at the middle around their brother's wrist. Keeping its pace with the changing times, this very thread started changing its face from the simple looks to the modern looks embellished with lots of shimmering and art work.

Rakhi Bracelets were introduced in the Rakhi stalls about a decade back. At that time few would have imagined that these Rakhi Bracelets would transform themselves into the object of art and would significantly replace the traditional Rakhi Threads. Thanks to the creative zeal of the Rakhi Designers and rigorous campaigns by Rakhi marketers that Rakhi Bracelets today are available in such an amazing and stylish variety.

Rakhi Bracelets At The Time of Their Origin
When they were brought into the markets, Rakhi Bracelets were very simple in nature and design. Rakhi Bracelets made of Beads were quite common at the time of their inception. These Beaded Rakhi Bracelets were made of simple bead chain, at the end of it was a clasp or a screw which helped sister tie it around their brother's wrist. The beads could be of simple wood or sandalwood. At the time of their introduction even these very simple bracelet Rakhi were considered fancy and too modern. Conservative sisters' still choose the traditional Rakhi thread for their brother as they felt that these were real and original symbol of love for their brother.

Creative Revolution in Rakhi Bracelets
To give loving sisters a break from the usual and age old Rakhi styles, Rakhi designers made an earnest attempt to make Rakhi Bracelets more stylish and acceptable for both brothers and sisters. An element of class and style was added by trying out different materials and metals in Rakhi Bracelets. First it was Silver, then Gold and today one can even find Diamond and Precious Stones studded Rakhi Bracelets not just available but very much salable in the markets. Ultra chic designs and patterns in these Rakhi Bracelets make them not just an attractive and sophisticated Rakhi but also a fashionable bracelet. Thus increasing their utility value for life.

Designer Rakhi Bracelet - A Rakhi & A Rakhi Gift for Brother
Yet another very advantageous factor about designer Rakhi Bracelets is that these double up as a Rakhi and Rakhi Gift for brothers. Sisters with discerning taste find designer Silver and Gold Rakhi Bracelet a cool and happening Rakhi Gift for their fashionable brothers. Bhaiyas too are doubly excited to receive Rakhi bracelet from their sister as they get to sport both a stylish bracelet and their sister's love on their wrist.

Wrist Watch As Rakhi Bracelet
In present times, Wrist Watches too are gradually replacing the traditional Thread Rakhi. It has been observed that Wrist Watch work as an amazing Rakhi idea when sister's wish to give more valuable and utilitarian Rakhi to their brothers. Besides, Rakhi Bracelets work as a perfect Rakhi and Rakhi Gift for brothers with traditional tastes and not very much fond of sporting jewelry on their wrist.

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