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Toffee / Candy Rakhi
Toffee rakhis are extremely popular among kids and small children. Such rakhis are also famous by the name 'Candy rakhi'. These rakhis have at least one finger-licking toffee attached to the bottom to impart fascinating look. Children have a special fascination for toffee rakhis because they get to eat the delicious candy. All sisters send rakhi to their brothers wherever they are, to remind them of the pledge which binds them together. A beautifully packed toffee rakhi set is the best option for young brothers.

A perfect Gift for Kid Brothers
The festival of Raksha Bandhan stands for a day to celebrate the most sacred relation on this earth. It is always about a lot of happiness to spread. Numerous websites are available to choose from a wide collection of rakhi packages which will make the occasion memorable. A toffee rakhi for the kid brother is always a perfect and exclusive gift.

A toffee rakhi is a gift which speaks of love and only love. This type of rakhi look even more attractive for little children. It is seen that kid brothers love to receive toffee or candy rakhi from their sisters as they get to eat a yummy candy afterwards.

Variety of Toffee Rakhi
The different variety of toffee rakhis are listed below :-

Decoration in Candy or Chocolate Rakhi :- Sometimes, candy rakhis are further decorated with beautiful laces, stars and other decorative items to look even more fascinating. Quite often a ribbon or resham dori is attached at the back of the candy or chocolate for the tying purpose.

Rakhi with Decorative Candy :- Sometimes one may notice Rakhis adorned with artificial plastic chocolates and candy. These may not be as delicious as Rakhis with real chocolates but these surely lure kids with their lovely appearance.

Chocolate Rakhi :- Adding a complete chocolate bar as the base of rakhi will sometimes make the rakhi even more enticing and delicious. Further, there are Rakhis in which a yummy Chocolate Ball works as the centre decorative. Of course, it gets eaten away by the brothers as soon as sister allows it!!