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Stuff Toy Rakhis Come in Amazing Designers !


Stuff Toy Rakhi

Extremely beautiful and adorable Stuff toy Rakhis are very much in demand specially for small children and kids. In stuffed toy Rakhi, the base or center decorative of the Rakhi is a sweet little stuff toy. Such Rakhi threads are adorned with a stuff toy at the middle of the thread. These stuff toy rakhis are available in numerous shapes, sizes and designs to lure your young brother.

Designs and Patterns of Stuff Toy Rakhi
These types of Rakhis are created with motifs of various toys that are fixed onto Rakhis. According to the personal taste of their dear brother, girls can pick the best stuff toy Rakhi for them. Such type of Rakhis can be availed in numerous colors and color combination, designs, patterns and styles. Fabricated from various materials like thread, light metal, plastic, etc, stuff Rakhis are soft and attractive and hence they manage to catch the attention of children in the first glimpse. These stuff toys are made of plastic, acrylic fiber, sponge, thermo coal etc.

Popular Designs and Styles in Stuffed Toy Rakhis
Stuff Toy Rakhis come in an amazing variety of designs and styles. Some of their popular types are:
  • Cartoon Stuffed Rakhis - These Rakhi for children have the stuffed image of popular animation characters like Spiderman, Batman, He-Man or Pokemons. These days, stuffed Rakhis of the Indian mythological hero - Hanuman is quite popular amongst kids.

  • Teddy Bear Rakhi - In Teddy Rakhis a small teddy bear works as the base of the Rakhi.

  • Clown Rakhi - In clown shaped Rakhis, the base of the Rakhi is decorated with a stuffed clown.

  • Musical Stuff Toy Rakhi - These irresistible Kids Rakhis have a battery inside them, so that when the stuffed toy is pressed a melodious music emanates.

  • Doll Rakhi - In Doll Rakhis, a small stuffed doll is attached to the Rakhi. Sometimes only the stuffed face of the doll is used to decorate the Rakhi. Little sisters love to buy these cute Rakhis for their kid brothers.

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