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Where is Rakhi Made in India?

The special occasion of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan holds so much significance in the Hindu family structure of India and is anticipated so keenly every year. Like any other festive occasion, the Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is all about affection, mutual respect and togetherness. The sacred bond of relationship between brothers and sisters is considered very pious and thus the festival of Rakhi, that marks the Rakhi thread tying ceremony, has special meaning in India. On this auspicious day sisters and brothers try their best to meet each other for celebrating the festival in traditional way.

As Raksha Bandhan means "a bond of protection", and celebrated to cherish the special bonding of admiration, fondness and emotional bonding a brother and a sister, thus the small fragile thread of Rakhi is an integral part of festive ceremony. This tender thread, when tied on the wrist of brother by the sister to seek his well-being and prosperity, is considered more stronger than the iron chains.

Here in this special section of Rakhi India, you would find about the different types of Rakhis made in the various states of India. So read on to know more.

Rakhi is produced in bulk or in small quanyity in many small scale industries of the country, especially in the northern and western part of India. Some of the famous regions which is famous for Rakhi are as follows:
  • Punjab : Resham Rakhis
  • Gujarat : Silver Rakhis
  • Mumbai : Cartoon Rakhis
  • Mysore: Sandalwood Rakhis
  • South India : Zari Rakhis
Punjab: Resham Rakhis
Resham Rakhi is chiefly crafted in the Indian state of Punjab with Resham Threads. These rakhis look very bright. Reshami Rakhi are available in various designs and patterns, and are heavily decorated.

Gujarat: Silver Rakhis
Silver Rakhis are very popular among the upper middle class families of India. Gujarat is famous for manufacturing Silver Rakhis. These silver rakhis are available in various decorative forms. It is more like a silver bracelet which can be worn all the time.

Mumbai: Cartoon Rakhis
Cartoon Rakhi is a kind of Rakhi which is very popular among the kids. This type of rakhi, there are many motifs of cartoon characters like Micky mouse, Donald duck, Tweety, Mogli, Casper, Spider man, or any other character popular among the children, fixed on the base of the Rakhi. It can be made of plastic, thread and even metal.

Mysore: Sandalwood RakhisSandalwood is a fragrant wood. Sandalwood from Mysore region of southern India is generally considered to be of the highest quality available. Sandalwood Rakhi is a type of Rakhi which is very much in demand during the rakhi festival. These rakhis are made using sandalwood pieces in different decorative forms with the fragrance of sandalwood spreading all over.

South India: Zari Rakhis
Zari is a type of thread made of fine gold or silver wire used in traditional Indian garments. This thread is also used to create intricate patterns on a rakhi to give a unique look. A simple rakhi made of zari thread can give a very artistic and attractive look and gives a shiny appearance to the rakhi thread. Zari Rakhis are specially made in South India.

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