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Om Rakhi
"OM" is the most sacred symbol of Hindu religion which signifies the absolute "Brahma". Its significance is amplified in ancient Vedic texts. It incorporates within it the power of Vishnu, Brahma, and Mahesh. "Om" Rakhi is one of the most popular forms of religious variety Rakhi which gives spiritualistic feeling to the Rakhi festival. Though this Rakhi has religious connotation, it looks beautiful work of art when it is set in beautiful patterns and designs.

Different types of materials that are used for making Om Rakhi are plastics, metals like steel, brass and copper, precious metals like golds and silvers etc. Sometimes Om Rakhi is carved using silken threads, beads, crystals etc of different colors that makes Rakhi beautiful. 'Om' Rakhi looks very attractive when it is decked with fancy ribbon, silk dial and silk thread. Because of its artistic look, fancy design combined with various materials like beads, metals and stones, Om Rakhi is getting very popular nowadays.