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Navratna Rakhi
Navratna is group of nine stones which are revered most since the ancient times. The stones falling in the category of Navratna are ruby, emerald, pearl, coral, gomed blue sapphire, cats eye, yellow sapphire and diamond. Believe or not Rakhi is available even in these precious stones or navratnas. Each and every stone has its own characteristics and shimmer that gives Rakhi a look which is ineffable. Navratna rakhi manifests best the love of sister towards her brother afterall brother is more valuable than navratna.

Navratna rakhi is available in various designs, shapes and orientations. The popular designs in which these navratna rakhis are available are :
  • Floral pattern
  • Geometrical pattern
  • Navratnas combined in various fashions etc
In Floral patterns various navratnas are aligned in different arrays to create simple designs,fine designs or ornate designs. Whereas in geometrical pattern stones are aligned either in square fashion or triangular fashion but in each case they enhance the beauty of the rakhi.