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Zari Zardozi Rakhi
Zari Zardozi Rakhi is a traditional yet extremely popular style of Rakhi. Zari Rakhis make use of fine gold or silver thread to weave intricate patterns in Rakhi while low-cost modern versions of zardozi Rakhi use synthetic metallic thread.
In Zardozi Rakhi, Zari is not just used to make the Rakhi Thread but also the centre piece or the base of Rakhi. Zari pattern in the base is usually very rich in appearance. This is further decorated with beads, kundans, sequins, pearls or even semiprecious stones to give Rakhi an ornate and artistic appearance.

Golden Zari Rakhi is more popular than silver Zari Rakhi. Sometimes the Zari Rakhi is given a colorful look. At times, a zari base is given to the Resham Thread Rakhi to give it a shimmering look. While in some Rakhi, Zari is used to highlight the design and is not the basic element of Rakhi.