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Time old symbol of love and faith, Rakhi Thread has changed tremendously in its appearance and outlook in present times. Besides being an expression of love, Rakhi today, is a piece of art and a style statement for the fashion conscious generation of today.

Apart from the change in Rakhi styles, what has noticeably changed is the way Rakhi is being shopped and send. The buzz word in Rakhi Shopping in present times is Internet Rakhi Shopping. The phenomenon of e-Rakhi shopping occurred about the year 2000 and is now seen as the future of Rakhi Shopping. Read the article to find out why and how Rakhi, Rakhi Shopping and Rakhi sending has transformed for the good in present times.

Demand for Quality and Style
Economic liberalization of India in 1990s made the people of India economically more well off and brought into their homes products of international quality. Having experienced quality products, Indians now demanded style and standard in each and every product that they used, even in the simple thread of Rakhi. This demand was realized by the Rakhi manufacturers who started working on Rakhi and infused in it quality by using better raw materials. To give sisters' a change from the traditional Rakhi designs, Rakhi designers began to focus extensively on the style, pattern and intricacy of the Rakhi design. This resulted in the production of Rakhi that were extremely pretty in appearance and were high on quality.

Change in Rakhi Designs & Styles
To cash in on the sentimental worth of Rakhi, Rakhi makers produced ornately designed Rakhis with high price tags. For sisters now demanded best of Rakhis for their brother and were even ready to pay a price for it. Rakhi designers therefore started making more ornate and exquisite Rakhis. Rich embroidery, meenakari and kundan work were initially introduced to make the Rakhi a piece of art. Gradually this made way to stylish Silver Rakhi and then Rakhi in Gold. When the gold and silver Rakhi succeeded, jewelers came up with Rakhis studded with diamonds and precious stones. These precious Rakhi were projected as lifelong Rakhi that also worked as Rakhi Gift. Style conscious brothers of today also appreciated these gold and silver Rakhis as these worked as a designer bracelet for them. Besides they could wear the symbol of their sisters' love for as long as they wanted.

Change in Rakhi Shopping & Rakhi Sending Pattern
E-commerce which saw a galloping growth in the past decade influenced the way sisters' shopped and send Rakhi. Professionals realized the economic potential and demand for the quality products and gave consumers the much wanted online Rakhi Shopping Sites. These allowed the consumers to select Rakhis from an thousands of Rakhis at the click of the mouse. Sisters' now needn't even go out and scan markets after markets for perfect Rakhi. They could just sit in-front of their computer and find finest Rakhi for brothers before them.

Rakhi Shopping Sites also allowed sisters to send Rakhis anywhere in India or around the world. These made Rakhi sending extremely convenient for sisters, and more so for those with brothers in US, UK or other foreign countries. Rakhi E-shopping sites also gave sisters an option to send their chosen Rakhi Gift to their brother along with the Rakhi. All this at an affordable and competitive price range. What more could the sisters have asked for?? Sisters are now taking full advantage of Rakhi E-Shopping to express love for their brothers. Bhaiyas too are now utilizing the benefit of Rakh Shopping Sites to send Rakhi return gifts to their sister and strengthen the bond of love they share with them.

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