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Rakhi is the day on which sisters express their affection and special bonding with their brothers by tying a Rakhi thread on their wrists. The colours, materials, styles and patterns on Rakhi threads has gone through immense changes. One can spot great changes in the design and styles of Rakhi that we use today. Some of the most famous style of Rakhis are mentioned below. Cotton and Silk are few that have widespread popularity as a Rakhi. The people with low income used cotton and the families with high income used silk thread. Check out this page to know more about some of the popular Rakhi styles in the past years.

Traditional Rakhi Style
The traditional Rakhi style was associated with a simple fragile 'thread', 'Dora', 'dhaga', 'mouli' or 'kalawa'. This style has transformed itself into a trendy and fashionable look. The simplest dora rakhi was made fancy with a tuft of cotton or silk as the base or center piece. The Rakhi was made more flashy by the use of silver and golden paper cut in the shape of flowers and other decoratives.

Mouli Rakhi
Mouli Rakhi is a kind of sacred thread that is normally used in Hindu dharma pujans and rituals. Usually, this thread is red in color and tied on the wrist of people who participate in various Hindu rituals. Mouli thread is also known as 'Kalava'.

Cotton or Silk Thread Rakhi
Previously, Rakhi was a simple thread to tie on the wrist of the brother by his sister. Different varieties of thread materials are available in the market to choose from. Ranging from cheap cotton threads to expensive silk thread, sisters have a great choice to choose rakhis for their brothers. Even today, the silk and cotton threads are used but the threads have been molded in different styles.

Ram Rakhi
Ram Rakhi is a variety of Rakhi made up of silk thread. These rakhis are simple in look with one or more simple dori or thread. These rakhis don't have much embellishments and decoration work. It comprises of a small flower like structure made of the same thread and placed right at the centre of the thread.

Resham Rakhi
Resham Rakhi are quite popular forms of Rakhis available in the market since ages. These are followed by Silk or cotton threads which makes them soft in touch and bright in appearance. All kinds of resham Rakhis, be it a simple thread or a heavily decorated one, are liked by everyone in every age group.

Floral Rakhi
This variety of rakhis are quite popular on the festival of Raksha Bandhan. These Rakhis are designed in alluring floral patterns using the small and large sized flower at the centre of the Rakhi thread. Floral Rakhis are specially designed to add ethnic grace to the Rakhi festival celebrations. Now-a-days, florals Rakhis are also filled with natural sweet incenses.

Divine Rakhi
Due to their religious appeal, the Divine Rakhis are liked most during Raksha Bandhan. Variety of divine rakhis are available with design patterns in religious symbols like 'Om', 'Shree', 'Swastika', etc. These signs on divine rakhis gives religious feelings to the festive celebrations of Raksha Bandhan.

Zari Rakhi
Zari Rakhi, as the name suggests, are designed with zari threads. The use of such Rakhi styles are prevalent in yesteryears. Generally, zari is used to make the chains in Rakhis. It is used for making Rakhi threads along with the central piece. Available in both silver and golden colors, Zari Rakhis have an eye-catching shine that create a magical appeal.

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