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Famous Brothers and Sisters

Find out here in this dedicated section of Rakhi India about the most famous Brothers and Sisters in India. The jubilant and auspicious occasion of Rakhi festival is celebrated with great zeal and devotion by all the sections of society, be it poors or riches, alike. Here in this unique compilation you would get a brief description of popular brother and sister, described in Indian mythology, from the Indian film industry and also from the politics section. So just read on to know more about the famous faces of brothers & sisters in India.

Famous Brother-Sister from Mythology
Famous Brother-Sister in Bollywood
Famous Brother-Sister in Politics

Famous Brother-Sister from Mythology

Yamaraj - Yami or Yamuna
According to the RigVeda, Yami or Yamuna is the twin-sister of Yamaraj, the Hindu mythological God of Death. Their mother is Saranyu and their father is Vivasvant. It is said that tradition of celebrating Raksha Bandhan was started by Yami and Yamaraj. Yamuna tied a Rakhi to Yama and bestowed immortality on him. Yama was so moved by Yami's affectionate gesture that he declared that whosoever gets a Rakhi tied from his sister will be blessed with a long life.

Subhadra and Krishna
Subhadra was the affectionate sister of Krishna and Balarama. Subhadra got married to Arjuna and gave birth to the warrior-boy Abhimanyu.

Devaki and Kansa
Kamsa was tyrant brother of Devaki and the maternal uncle of Krishna. When Kansa was foretold that Devaki's eighth child would be his killer, he resolved to put to death all the children of his sister.

Kripa and Kripi
Kripa and Kripi were twin brother and sister. Both Kripa and his sister Kripi were found by Shantanu in the forest and were brought up in his palace. Kripa was learned man and also a skilled warrior. He became the preceptor of the Kurus. Kripi, married Drona and had a son named Ashwatthama.

Shurpanakha and Ravana
Shurpanakha and Ravana, the demon King of Lanka are other very famous brother sister duo in Indian mythology. Their father was a sage named Vishrava and their mother an Asura woman named Kaikasi. Surpnakha is held responsible for Ravana's abduction of Sita, Lord Rama's wife. This led to a fierce battle between Ram and Ravana in which Ram won.

Famous Brother-Sister in Bollywood

Hridaynath Mangeshkar and Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle
Born to Pt. Dinanath Mangeshkar, Hridaynath, Lata and Asha have made significant mark in Indian music industry. While Hridaynath Mangeshkar is a music director of repute, Lata Mangeshkar is the legendary singer called the "Melody Queen" of Bollywood. Asha Bhosle is considered to be the most versatile singer in India.

Amisha and Ashmit Patel
Amisha Patel is a popular Indian actress who has many hit movies to he credit. Her handsome brother Ashmit has recently made a foray in Bollywood. Amisha and Ashmit are born to Amit Patel and Asha Patel.

Ritu Nanda and Randhir, Rishi Rajiv Kapoor
They belong to reputed Kapoor family of Bollywood. They were born to Showman Raj Kapoor. Ritu Nanda holds the number one position as a Life Insurance Agent in India. Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Rajiv Kapoor have made their marks as actors.

Ekta and Tushaar Kapoor
Born to Jitendra, a popular actor of his time, Ekta and Tushar are a well-known sister-brother duo in Indian entertainment industry. Ekta has given some of the most successful soaps to Indian television and continues to do so. Tushaar on the other hand has made his mark as a talented actor in Bollywood.

Sanjay and Priya Dutt
Popular in their own right Sanjay and Priya have an enviable parentage. Their mother Nargis Dutt was one of the top Bollywood actor and their father Sunil Dutt was a successful actor turned respectable politician. Sanjay is one of the popular Bollywood actor today while Priya is striving to make her mark as a politician.

Farah Khan and Sajid Khan
A well known choreographer of the Indian film industry who has earned name for her successful choreographic work. She has directed two films Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om. Sajid Khan brother of Farah Khan is an eminent anchor-actor and director whose mere presence on the stage as a host makes the audience enjoy.

Famous Brother-Sister in Politics

Priyanka Vadera and Rahul Gandhi
This most talked about sister and brother duo belong to most influential political party of India. They were born to Rajiv Gandhi (ex-PM of India) and Sonia Gandhi (present Congress Party President). Priyanka is leading a family life and is being encouraged to join politics by Congress Party. Rahul is an active leader in Congress Party and is expected to play a greater role in Indian politics in times to come.

Nalini Singh and Arun, Deepak Shourie
Nalini Singh is a fire-brand journalist. Her brother, Arun Shourie is a powerful politician and ex-Union Minister. Their other brother Deepak Shourie is a reputed media person.

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