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Trendy Rakhi Styles
Traditional Rakhi has undergone tremendous amount of transformation in the past few years, more so in the last decade. The erstwhile simple cotton thread mouli has become an object of art. Rakhi today comes in extremely trendy styles and designs. Embellished with intricate art work and made out of best of materials Rakhi is no longer just a means of carrying out traditions but it is a collectors item.

Lot of innovations have gone in to make Rakhi a collectors item. Besides an apparent enhancement in designs and styles one can find that modern day Rakhi are much more technically advanced. Retaining the traditional significance of Raksha Thread, Rakhi styles have incorporated social and scientific advancement to their best. Rakhis today are made with best of materials, threads, glue and sticking styles.

An effort has also been made to improve the packaging styles in Rakhi. In usual packings, Rakhi are tied in good quality paper and packed in transparent poly bags of good quality. In premium range Rakhis are packed in plastic, wood or silver boxes. This further helps to enhance the value of Rakhi for the recipient.

Types of Trendy Rakhi Styles in Vogue