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Modern Day Rakhi

The styles, designs, patterns and materials used in Rakhi have undergone a tremendous change over the years. Rakhi is no longer the simple thread of cotton or silk. Today, there are many different types of rakhis available in the market and it is difficult to decide the best one of all. The significance of the festival is the same for everyone. Depending on the living standard of people, the types of Rakhi, its cost and the materials used in preparing those Rakhis is different. Some styles in modern day rakhi are as follows:

Cartoon Rakhi
This type of Rakhi is very popular among kids. In this type of rakhi, there are many cartoon characters like Micky mouse, Donald duck, Tweety, Mogli, Casper, Spider man, or any other character popular among the children, fixed on the base of the Rakhi. It can be made of plastic, thread and even metal.

Toy Rakhi
Toys Rakhis are made in various forms of toys which are liked by small kids. Toys like Teddy Bear, Clown, Fish, Birds, Animals, Bunny Rabbit, Cars, Angel and Soldier etc. are some of the most popular types of Toy Rakhis which sells like a hot cake during the Rakhi Festival. These Rakhis are made using the plastic, acrylic fibre, sponge or thermo coal.

Sandalwood Rakhi
Made in various small and large sized shapes the Sandalwood Rakhis are made using the sandalwood pieces. Designed in decorative shapes the Sandalwood Rakhis are casted like animals, flowers or some idols. The aromatic delight scattered from these Sandalwood based Rakhis, simply add more grace to the festivities.

Musical Rakhi
The Musical Rakhis are liked specially by small children as these Rakhis plays some kind of music in melodious form or an animal's voice. This type of Rakhi is made of various decorative forms but there is a small knob on the rakhi which when operated plays a unique kind of tune.

Precious Stones Rakhi
Modern day Rakhis also consist of Rakhis made of various precious and semi precious stones. These stones are available in different colors and designs and give unique look to the rakhi. A Rakhi decorated with various kinds of glittering stones looks just gorgeous.

Gold/Silver/Diamond Rakhi
For some rich Indian families in India and abroad, to give a rakhi made of gold or silver or diamond is also very common and popular. The rakhi can be in a simple thread form made of gold or silver or can also come with various decorative forms.

Coin & Currency Rakhi
In the celebrations of Rakhi festival a new form of Rakhi threads have emerged known as Coin and Currency Rakhis made in the different currency denominations or Rupees or Dollar. These Rakhis are made using fake paper, plastic and sometimes an original one also therefore the cost of Currency or Coin Rakhi depends on the denominations used.

Rakhi Bracelet
Instead of the regular rakhi thread, rakhi bracelets made of various materials and various designs are very much prevalent today. The best part is that this can be worn all the time unlike the thread rakhi which wears out.

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